Do not miss Gmod’s ‘Gun Tool’ for a thrilling experience!

Gmod or Garry’s Mod game has thrilling moments for enthusiastic players! With its Gun Tool, you will be able to have a thrilling experience, for sure.

Gun Tool is one of the most important tools given to the Gmod players like you; you can enjoy it by performing a variety to tasks as it is a multipurpose tool, which is provided for performing various thrilling tasks such as creating wheels, winches, interactive buttons, and constraining props together.

What’s more, the same tool can work wonders for you when it comes to changing the facial expressions!

With this wonderful tool, the digits of a ragdoll can also be shaped the way as desired. When talking about add-ons created by the community, you can’t help using Gun Tool to use and control them.

Please, note that the Steam Workshop is the source that enables you to access those add-ons. So, let’s have a lot of fun! Enjoy yourself and invite your buddies, too.